Welcome to my blog where I share my experiences and document my adventures weekly! 

Welcome to my life!

Welcome to my life!

Hey hey everyone! 

My name is Esther Lafourcade and I am so excited to start sharing with you all my day to day life and tips I have learned along the way. For those who already know me, I've had one crazy life and have so much to discuss. But let's start with a couple basics!

1. I was born in Los Angeles then moved to France when I was 7 to 18 years old. I graduated high school there with a "Scientific Baccalaureat" meaning I guess I am somewhat of a science nerd. I then moved back to LA and started college over here. 

2. I am currently enrolled at UCLA and I am an Anthropology major. No, I don't just look at bones or primates all day, it is so much more! Anthropology is the study of human beings and in a world where pretty much everything revolves around us, I figured I couldn't go wrong! 

3. I started modeling about a year ago. Many of my friends and family had been telling me I should get into it, that I would do great. I was asked to come for a test shoot for a company then things just started working their magic. One thing led to another and I got signed to Bicoastal Mgmt. Felt like a fairy tale coming to life. 

4. My position on curve model vs. plus size model? To each their own. I am no different than many girls in my position. I was constantly bullied on my weight, had little to no self-confidence and had a very unhealthy relationship with myself. Why put labels on things? Industry standards call me plus, I see myself as having curves and it's become very difficult to shop for being this in-between size. My hips, thighs, and bust fit plus-size clothing but my waist and back, a straight size. Denim has been one of my biggest hassles.

5. Body positivity babe? True! BUT... Self-love advocate? THAT'S ME! Body positivity is a great thing and being truthful and real is one of my number one intentions here. What matters beyond that to me is to be able to love and not be so hard on ourselves. Life is hard enough, let's enjoy what was given to us. Don't get me wrong, I have my moments, we all do. But to me being an advocate for self-love brings the body positive movement to the next level and includes everyone. 

6. I'm part-mermaid, part-Gemini. Obviously, this is very important information. 


So happy to be able to start sharing with all of you! 



Camping - Big Sur, California

Camping - Big Sur, California